Stone Temple Pilots Film Announced By Hollywood Heavyweight


Kent Sevener, Showtime executive VP of content acquisition & business & legal affairs, has announced that the first ever film about Stone Temple Pilots is in the works at Showtime. A new article states:

More music documentaries are in the works. Showtime acquired New Wave: Dare to be Different after its premiere at Tribeca Film Festival last year. The film promises battles with the FCC, record labels, major stations and “all the conventional rules.”

Sevener also mentions a movie featuring Jeff Lynne and his band Electric Light Orchestra, highlighting ELO’s performances at London’s Wembley Stadium last summer. Another project is in the works about Stone Temple Pilots, the grunge band whose troubled but charismatic singer, Scott Weiland, was found dead of an accidental overdose late in 2015. “Not a lot has been done about the band,” said Sevener, who promises “a compelling story.”

The newer films follow a long list of previously run music-themed movies. Lee’s Michael Jackson film, which premiered on Showtime in Feb. 2016, was the biggest documentary in network history, according to Sevener. Like History of the Eagles, it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

Stone Temple Pilots filmed footage for what was intended to be a documentary about the making of Shangri La Dee Da in 2001, but it’s unclear if the film was ever finished. No full length documentary or film about STP has been made, though MTV did air a Rockumentary on the band in 1996.