Axl Rose Sued For Allegedly Assaulting Model


The legendary Guns N’ Roses frontman, Axl Rose continues to perform to this day. He is almost always wrapped in controversy one way or the other. Now Rose has been entangled in yet another legal problem.

According to TMZ, Sheila Kennedy, a former Penthouse model and the Pet of the Year in 1983, has filed a lawsuit against Axl Rose. In her lawsuit, she accused Rose of sexually assaulting her during a party in 1989. As per court documentation, Kennedy alleges that Rose tied her up and anally penetrated her during the incident.

Sheila Kennedy stated that in February 1989, she went to a private party in Axl Rose’s hotel suite after meeting him at a bar in New York City. She mentioned that several guests at the party were doing drugs. Kennedy claimed that after Rose supposedly cleared the room, leaving her, another female model, and one of Rose’s friends alone, things got out of hand.

Kennedy alleged that she witnessed aggressive sexual activity between Rose and the other model before she fled to another bedroom with Rose’s friend. According to Kennedy, Axl Rose was absolutely furious and ejected the other woman from the room.

The ex-model for Penthouse also stated that Rose discovered her in the other bedroom, pulled her back to his bed by the hair, bound her hands with pantyhose, and subjected her to sexual abuse. Kennedy argues that she was overcome by the traumatic event and never gave her assent for the acts.

Kennedy later claimed to have suffered from stress, anxiety, PTSD-like despair, and harm to her romantic relationships. Kennedy has previously disclosed these claims in public and is requesting damages. It is unclear what will happen to this case in the end because these kinds of accusations are typically handled quite seriously.