Stone Temple Pilots Legend Reveals Last Thing He Said To Chris Cornell


Brendan O’Brien produced every Stone Temple Pilots album from 1992’s Core to 2001’s Shangri-La Dee Da, and he also has produced several Pearl Jam albums and worked with Chris Cornell. O’Brien wrote liner notes (via PearlJamOnline) for the new Chris Cornell career retrospective album.

“The last time I saw Chris was at his performance on the Fallon show where he played his song ‘The Promise’, Matt Cameron was on the drum kit and I know that Chris was thrilled to have him there. I believe one of the last things that I said to him was that he sang great. He just smiled in response as if to say, “It’s what I do.” It was a good night.

On that first session with Soundgarden, all those years ago, I noticed Chris had a wallet made entirely out of black duct tape. I asked where he got it and he claimed that he had made it. I must’ve given him the look of doubt because he said that he would make one for me, as if my expression had challenged him. Over the next couple days while I worked at the console, and he listened, Chris made me the perfect duct tape wallet complete with a spot for your driver’s license. He gave it to me and I used it with pride until it wore out, telling everyone Chris made it for me. Bragging, really.

I really miss that wallet…wish it were still here.

  • Stone Gossardish

    BoB’s done a lot of great records. Some could’ve been a smidge better, and maybe that’s not all his fault.

    The other day I put Vs. on, maybe his all time best. Listen to the first 10 seconds of Dissident. It’s so well produced.

  • Gregory Marini

    Tweak the headline…

  • Just The Truth

    It still hard to believe Chris is gone and the method of his demise…just hurts.

    • Clay Cromer

      I know what you mean. I find myself listening to his music often now. Always wondering what other songs he may have written that we’ll never get to hear now. 🙁 A terrible loss.

      • Just The Truth

        I don’t think I appreciated his guitar playing as much as I do now. I always knew he was an amazing singer, the best to come out of that whole 90s scene. Still blows me away that he’s gone. I agree, it’s a terrible loss.

  • How do you throw that wallet away?