Stone Temple Pilots React To Dark Layne Staley Claim


Interactive Guitar Magazine recently did an interview with Stone Temple Pilots’ legendary guitarist, Dean DeLeo at the 2019 Download Festival in the UK. DeLeo was asked if Alice In Chains replacing Layne Staley inspired their decision to move on after Scott Weiland and Chester Bennington’s deaths with new singer Jeff Gutt.

Deleo: Not really, I was kind of concerned with us, there’s a lot of factors including Jeff [Gutt]’s ability to write. Not only melodically but lyrically it was very evident from day one. The first day that we went into the studio we [figuratively] threw five songs at him and he was hitting melody after melody – nothing lyrical.

Interviewer: Sure, sure, yeah yeah.

DeLeo: But you know how it is.

Interviewer: Of course and was that the same for this album? It’s a killer record but it sounds like a fresh, young band. Did the writing process –

DeLeo: Young, he used the word young! I appreciate that.

Interviewer: Well that’s important because some artists who’ve been out there for a long time, they’ll put out something that will be: “here’s something that I think the fans are gonna want, we should put another record out” and with you guys its more like: “we won’t put anything out unless we have something to say.”, and this sounds like you did.

DeLeo: You know man, I think we are our own worst critics and that’s how it’s always been with our records, you know? We’ve always set out to do something timeless and not “the flavor of the month”. Look man, I’m riding in my car, I’m hearing Vasoline come on the radio and I’m like: “Not bad.”

Interviewer: Yeah, it’s a great tune.

DeLeo: So, that was a big thing with Brendan [O’Brien] too, making those records, we just wanted to make a timeless statement. Look, we are just beggars and thieves, man. We were weened on the best, man. I was born in 1961 so I was hearing Hendrix out of my brother’s bedroom at eight years old. The Doors, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young out of my sister’s room. Of course coming up in my formidable teenage years through the seventies, I got to drink from the bottle, man.