Stone Temple Pilots Release New ‘Tiny Music’ Music Video


Stone Temple Pilots have released a new music video for “And So I Know” to celebrate the Tiny Music 25th anniversary.

STP discussed Weiland writing the music to “Tumble in the Rough” in a new Yahoo interview.

Robert DeLeo said, “Yeah, [Scott] didn’t really know how to play an instrument, but he would definitely get it across vocally. He did pick up a guitar for ‘Tumble in the Rough’ and he drove us crazy with that, because every time we were around him, he played two chords and he’d go, ‘Duh duh duh duh duh! Man, I got this idea! Nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh!’ And he would do that over and over. So, we just musically made a song out of that. But that’s what he had.

“But you gotta look at that energy that he had doing that; there was a raw, like, ‘I’m just learning to play guitar!’ kind of energy. And there’s so many aspects that Scott didn’t know about musically, which made that interesting. You know, if he was a guy who knew as much as we did musically, it would have been a different band. But he came from a different place, and to be able to sit there and play two bar chords and go, ‘Check this out…’”

“…with sheer conviction,” marvels Dean wistfully, adding: “To be affiliated with somebody of that musical magnitude and to be so fulfilled by it, and to watch this person just go into this deep hole of demise was just f***ing awful. It was just awful, man.”