Stone Temple Pilots Release Unheard 90’s Song


Stone Temple Pilots released the unheard “Kretz’s Acoustic Song” penned by drummer Eric Kretz from the 1996 Tiny Music…Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop recording sessions.

Robert DeLeo discussed his bass playing on the album in a new Guitar World interview, “I used to be better back then! [Laughs] I used to be one of those people that really tried to be a great bass player. And then I realized there are a lot of other people that can do that better. But not everyone can write songs.

“So, if a song calls for something like, Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart, I want to accommodate the song. And I’ll play that bass line. If it’s a song like Lady Picture Show, I’ll do that. I kind of play according to the song – or try to. I try to accommodate the song.

“But I’ve got a better understanding I think of how to work bass lines out with chords. I think that’s part of just growing and listening.

Don’t criticize a song until you play it, because the easiest-sounding thing can be the hardest thing

“It’s important for any musician – especially young and up and coming – to really just listen to as many kinds of music that you can. Just digest whatever you can, and I think eventually, things will come out. And you’ll know how they want to come out – from yourself.”

  • BlancheDevereaux

    It’s pretty…reminds me a bit of AIC’s Whale & Wasp.

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