Gene Simmons Calls Out KISS Employee At Show For Screw Up


KISSfaq are reporting that Gene Simmons called out a KISS employee for not lighting him correctly at a recent show. In the video, Simmons’ call out appears to be somewhat humorous, so despite the language he seemed to be calling him out in a lighthearted manner.

Simmons said, “Give me a white spotlight, motherfucker. Asshole has been on tour with us for 20 years and doesn’t get, bitch I know where you live. Oh by the way, fuck you.”

redinthesky posted:

Depends on how ‘familiar’ Gene is with the spotlight guy. 20 years, if they are very friendly, could be Gene was just ribbing him, tough to take “I know where you live” too seriously. Or, could be Gene is still just a jerk. We don’t really know. Either way Gene could have handled it better.

ftjr1974 posted:

As I said in another post on this topic, Gene has pulled the spotlight schtick multiple times over the years. I believe it’s part of the show to fulfill his ego power trip. Do we really think Kiss would employ someone for 20 years nonetheless one day who blew it during Gene’s big moment of the show? This is more Gene Simmons bs. And it’s very unprofessional scripted or not. Know any other bands who do this kind of thing? Kiss, I love their music and the 1974-2001 era, but they have got to be one of the most dramatic and bizarre bands of all time. Never a dull moment.

JohnBergless posted:

WTF. Either yes – the lighting crew are in competent and don’t know the show; if that’s the case – jeers to them. This is supposedly the biggest concert in the world or whatever….. they should know the cues and know the show. Or – maybe Gene is off script and HE is adlibbing, while a crew of people are offstage throwing up thier hands asking WTF is he doing ???
All the talk about replacing the tires on a vehicle ….. well …. make god damn sure the vehicle is in 4WD.
Great family show here.