Studio Manager Denies Refusing To Give Scott Weiland’s Son His Guitar


TMZ, along with SPIN and Blabbermouth, reported yesterday that Scott Weiland’s ex-wife Mary and 15-year old son Noah went to his studio, Lavish Studios, last week to get one of Scott’s guitars that Noah wanted. Their report stated that an argument between Mary and someone at the studio ensued, and police were called. The report did not state who was working at Lavish at the time, but studio manager Rocco Guarino told Alternative Nation on Facebook that the story didn’t get the facts straight. He told us, “This was not about a guitar, and the TMZ story is almost entirely false.” He also sent us the following:

“I was the studio manager at Scott Weiland’s Lavish Studios in Burbank. Mary and I were scheduled to meet on Thursday at Lavish, but she arrived two days early with her son and the Burbank police due to false information that gear was being taken from the studio prematurely.

When I opened the door, two Burbank cops forced themselves inside uninvited and without a warrant. They tried, along with another pair of cops, then a third pair of cops, to convince me to let her in. I refused, locked up the studio and left.

There’s a hearing scheduled for Feb 5 and until then I wasn’t comfortable letting anyone into the studio without written consent from all parties.

On Thursday, as scheduled, Mary and I met amicably at Lavish, and she took possession of the studio.

At no point was a guitar in question.

I planned on writing a proper eulogy for Lavish and I regret (and resent) having to write this first. Lavish was my creative home for many years. And Scott was my friend for many years. While others had the benefit of eulogizing him in the press, my name is now associated with a lie regarding his son.”

Scott Weiland’s Lavish Studios closed last week, and is now for lease. Weiland opened the studio in 1997 in Burbank, CA, recording his solo albums 12 Bar Blues (1998), Happy in Galoshes (2008), The Most Wonderful Time of Year (2011), and Blaster (2015) at the studio. Weiland also worked on his vocals for Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver, and Art of Anarchy at Lavish. Lavish was a private studio until 2014, when it was opened to the public to record with Rocco Guarino heading up the endeavor for Weiland. Guarino continued to run the studio in the two months following Weiland’s death on December 3, 2015.

The 2,400 square foot studio is up for lease for $4,200 per month.