Gene Simmons Daughter Lesbian Proposal Revealed


KISS icon Gene Simmons’ lovely daughter Sophie Simmons is so beautiful that her good friend jokingly suggested that they join the LGBTQ community and get married! Paul Stanley recently announced a major death after Gene Simmons had surgery.

janetski wrote to Sophie on social media, “She’s a queen and I bow down to her ❤️.”

She added, “@sophietsimmons see you soon sister, love you ❤️.” Sophie responded, “@janetski can’t wait!!! few days away ♥️.”

janetski shot back, “@sophietsimmons YOUR PRESENCE COMPLETES ME ALWAYS ❤️.”

Sophie Simmons was kissed by an older woman in an emotional family photo. Sophie responded, “@janetski most successful long distance relationship. Over 10 years strong haha.”

janetski said, “@sophietsimmons OMG YES! We might as well get married sis. Would make life so much easier. 😩😂❤️ Also, I need that green card.” Sophie accepted, “@janetski i’m free 💍.”

janetski celebrated, “@sophietsimmons lord knows I am too. 😩😂😍#gettinghitchedwiththesis.” Sophie proclaimed, “@janetski so i’ll just schedule you in for forever 👰🏻👰🏼.”

janetski concluded, “@sophietsimmons sounds like a terrific plan — #togetherforever #asitshouldbe #ourforeverafter #livinghappilyeverafter.”

Sophie’s music was recently complimented by a fan on social media, “marceliamartino
Just so you know I listened to Black Mirror and now I am LITERALLY OBSESSED with your music! You are such a talented young lady! Thank you for being so amazing and such an inspiration!💜🎤” Sophie responded, “@marceliamartino 😭😭😭🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼.” Gene Simmons’ daughter recently rejected a man hitting on her.