Sugar Ray Took Album Name From Stone Temple Pilots Members


Alternative Nation will soon be publishing the first in-depth interview with former Talk Show singer Dave Coutts in over 20 years. Stone Temple Pilots members Dean DeLeo, Robert DeLeo, and Eric Kretz joined forces with Coutts in the mid 90’s in their first attempt to move on without the late Scott Weiland. They released their lone album Talk Show in 1997.

“Dean thought of the name [Talk Show] if I remember correctly,” Dave explained, “because he thought everyone was talking about what was going on with STP, Scott, new singer rumors.” Dave admits he wasn’t a fan of the name.

Another potential name suggested by Dave was 14:59: “one second short of fifteen minutes.” The name, while rejected by the band, was well liked by at least one person at Atlantic, who passed it along to Sugar Ray, who used it for their third album (featuring their massive hit, “Every Morning”).

“When I was recording with the STP guys after Tiny Music,” Dave explains, “they still had not toured outside the U.S.. Scott was getting into trouble and holding them back. They had their legitimate reasons to be upset with him.”