Led Zeppelin Member ‘Intoxicated’ With A-List Actress


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page revealed why he was ‘intoxicated’ by watching singer, model, and actress Leona Lewis sing on The X-Factor in a new social media post. Robert Plant’s Led Zeppelin reunion replacement finally opened up about the failed project in a new interview over the weekend.

“On this day in 2008, I performed at the Olympic closing ceremony in Beijing where the baton was passed on, so to speak, to London 2012. The cast members had been secretly rehearsing in London and Beijing.⁣ 🇨🇳

Armed with the double-decker bus, ballet, hip hop dancers and David Beckham, Leona Lewis and I performed ‘Whole Lotta Love’ which was augmented by Philip Shepherd’s string arrangement and Penderecki-like swoops.⁣

Along with many, I had been intoxicated by Leona’s performances on The X Factor and I was curious as to how she would approach ‘Whole Lotta Love’ – her classy delivery was sultry and impeccable and her visual performance, dazzling, to say the least!⁣

This was, without doubt, one of the high points of my career and it was one happy man who performed with such a remarkable talent.⁣”

Jimmy Page recently revealed a disturbing threat he and Robert Plant suffered. Fans on the Led Zeppelin Reddit recently speculated on what projects Jimmy Page might be working on.

Mauricio_ehpotatoman posted, “Does he still play the guitar? Where is his promised solo album which he has been teasing since… Dunno… 2010?”

MAGICALFLYINUHH responded, “I hope some day he just drops all of this on us at once, his ‘tell all’ book that won’t actually be ‘tell all,’ some live album, that streaming service that was teased a long ass time ago, his solo album, etc but that’s just wishful thinking honestly.”