System of a Down Are Playing With Alice in Chains


System of a Down, Alice In Chains, and A Perfect Circle are set to play a Las Vegas festival.

During a recent performance at the Yaamava’ Theater in Highland, California, fans of Alice in Chains were in for a remarkable surprise when the legendary guitarist Zakk Wylde made an unexpected guest appearance.

The crowd erupted with cheers as Zakk Wylde joined the band on stage, exuding his unmistakable stage presence. Without missing a beat, he plunged into a dynamic rendition of the band’s iconic hit, “Would?” From the footage captured, it was evident that Wylde seamlessly integrated into the performance, effortlessly connecting with lead vocalist William DuVall and guitarist Jerry Cantrell.

In the aftermath of this electrifying moment, William DuVall took to Facebook to share his excitement and reflect on the unforgettable experience. He expressed his delight at having Zakk Wylde, a rock icon in his own right, perform alongside him and the band. DuVall mentioned the distinctive trademark stance that Wylde adopted while unleashing his guitar skills during their rendition of “Would?” In a fascinating twist, DuVall disclosed that the guitar used by Zakk Wylde for the performance was none other than one of his own prized possessions – a Gibson 1960 VOS Les Paul.

“Why, yes. That IS the great Zakk Wylde rockin’ out directly to my right in his trademark stance on ‘Would?’ And, since you asked, YES, that IS one of my Gibson 1960 VOS Les Pauls he’s playing. Check out more shots of a fun show at Yaamava’ last night. Great crowd. Allow me to tally up the Coolness Quotient for that afternoon and evening: Leave for work, run into Rob Halford (see previous post). Get to work, jam with Zakk Wylde (with him playing one of my guitars). All in all, not a bad day at the office.”

The unexpected collaboration between Alice in Chains and Zakk Wylde sent shockwaves of excitement through the audience and added an extra layer of intensity to an already memorable concert experience. Fans were treated to a unique and electrifying performance that showcased the incredible synergy between these rock legends.

The spontaneity of Zakk Wylde’s appearance and his masterful guitar skills left an indelible mark on the show, making it a standout moment in the band’s illustrious career. The Yaamava’ Theater in Highland, California, witnessed a rock ‘n’ roll spectacle that will be fondly remembered by all fortunate enough to be in attendance.