System of a Down Reveal ‘One Guy’ Is Holding Back New Album


System of a Down guitarist Daron Malakian and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith recently discussed the long delayed new System of a Down album on SiriusXM. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments.

Malakian said, “We have different viewpoints on how we want to make the record, how much time we want to spend. I mean, it’s complicated.”

Smith responded, “It’s complicated being in a band isn’t it?”

Malakian shot back, “In System it is.”

Smith said, “In our band it is. I think in most bands, especially when it’s not one guy saying, one sort of leader of the band so to speak, when it’s more of a democracy, which I think, I don’t know if you’d use that word.”

Malakian responded, “It is a democracy, but in this case, it kind of is one guy holding it back a little bit, but that’s cool though, we still do shows. We still play, we still get along, we’re still friends.”

Malakian did not name names, but fans have speculated that Serj Tankian is the one having disagreements with his System of a Down bandmates about making a new album. System of a Down reunited in 2011 and have toured intermittently since then playing their old hits, but they haven’t released a new album since 2005. Malakian recently revived his Scars On Broadway side project due to System’s lack of movement on a new album.