System of a Down Rip ‘Egomaniac’ Ruining New Songs


System of a Down guitarist and mastermind Daron Malakian has ripped claims that he was an ‘egomaniac’ ruining the band’s new songs “Protect the Land” and “Genocidal Humanoidz.”

Malakian told fans he solely wrote the new songs without bandmates Serj Tankian, John Dolmayan, and Shavo Odadjian co-writing, leading to some fans criticizing him, despite this being the way most old System of a Down songs were written. Alternative Nation transcribed the fan interaction.

A fan said, “Even in this desperate moment you need to state that these are YOUR songs and that you humbly agree to release under the ‘System banner’ as if it’s something smaller than your own ego. Man…”

Malakian responded, “I guess you would rather I lie to you. Why would I leave out the truth?”

Another fan shot back, “I couldn’t agree more and that’s why It makes me Sad that Daron still needs to reiterate that that’s his and the he’s ‘humble’ enough to let system release it.”

Malakian shot back, “We did the songs as System because of the situation in Artsakh. If that situation didn’t exist they would have ended up on future Scars albums. It’s really strange that it bothers you that I take credit for my work.

If you wrote the songs I’m sure you would have liked people to know about your work and contribution. Don’t artists sign their names under their paintings? So I guess in your world every artist who signs his or her name under their paintings are a bunch of ego maniacs.”

The fan then apologized, “You know what? You’re right. Sorry for what I said.” Malakian was gracious in his response, “All good, we can be friends again.”