Taylor Hawkins Hotel Room Voicemail Stuns Fans


The rock community, this website included is devastated over the passing of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. On social media, Jane’s Addiction frontman and friend of Hawkins, Perry Ferrell would post a video message paying tribute to the Foo Fighters drummer. A portion of which can be read below. The first autopsy results for Taylor Hawkins were recently revealed.

“Taylor Hawkins died yesterday, he was my best friend. Beloved in my home, by my wife, my children, even my dogs. Whenever Taylor came over we would make music in the den – [my dog] Cloud would sit would by him. He was one of the most passionate drummers that I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. When I think of him, I sum it up with one word – velocity. Taylor had the gift to maintain a confident striking and stroking velocity on drums. There is a large part of my heart that I had reserved for him and I accepted him into my heart when we became friends because he was such a pure guy, such pure of heart.”

“I would receive texts from Taylor, bits, and pieces of songs that he was writing, looking to write, or wanted me to listen to. I got music tidbits as much as I got “I love yous.” We would always start with a song, there was always a song where he would be like: “Do you listen to Yes? You know that guy kinda sounds like you.” He was just obsessed with music and a great song.”

“My passion for music, that’s what was our common ground. Our friendship was based around that and then we would get to know each other. He would tell me stories of going to Jane’s Addiction shows back in the 80s, shows that were pretty underground. So although I didn’t make his acquaintance back then, we shared a history. It’s almost a right of passage. We were young men, and we were trying to be great musicians.”

Later, Farrell’s wife would then play the last message that she had gotten from Hawkins which was sent out from the hotel and received on that Thursday night.”Take care of each other, and I’ll take care of myself. I will see you guys in Sao Paulo”