Trent Reznor Bad Haircut Stuns Nine Inch Nails Fans


Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor has all the love in the world for his lovely wife Mariqueen Maandig. The happy couple recently announced that they will be having their fifth child together. Reznor and his wife currently have four children together. This Rage Against The Machine Icon covered Nine Inch Nails “Hurt” this past Summer.

Reznor’s wife also took to social media via Instagram and posted this lovely photo of them together – with the Nine Inch Nails frontman looking shockingly comfortable sporting a brand new “dad” ready haircut. You can view the photo below. Billy Corgan revealed this disturbing Nine Inch Nails secret back in August.

avengeriroryan33 wrote on Instagram: “Looking gorgeous and congratulations on adding a new member to your family.”

Atticus_Rod replied on the Nine Inch Nails sub-Reddit with: “HTDA SECOND ALBUM NEVER EVER. Oh well, more little Maandig-Reznor terror babies are just what the doctor prescribed. Also, this is the longest his hair has been (publicly) since 2005ish. Wonder if he’s going to go back, of course, he is, as if there ever was a choice, back to what he knew he was on the inside, back to what he really is.”

Nine Inch Nails were recently devastated by this horrific accident. Fellow Reddit user TheLadyButtPimple proclaimed: ” I love them both… but five kids??!! I am soo curious what their home life is like. Is Trent even around, he’s gotta be so busy with work! How many nannies do they have? Anyway, I’m definitely down for the future Reznor kids electronic beep-boop band in 7-10 years that’s inevitable. We’ll never be without Reznor music!”

Hugocesarhm’s chimed in on Instagram with: “Congratulations for all, The artista in the World and the best family. We are waiting for you in Argentina.”

Sinnedk1 mentioned on Reddit: “Oh man I came to post that NIN will be on a hiatus for a bit again. Holy moly, I have 2 kids and it’s tough. TR/MR are up to 5 now, that’s great but so tough. I am going to guess they have a good amount of help. Hopefully, the two eldest can help with the youngest now.”