Taylor Momsen Bends In Tight Outfit Photo


Spooky rock queen Taylor Momsen took to social media via Instagram to show off some serious goth-girl vibes with this classic scream queen outfit. We absolutely love The Pretty Reckless singer’s makeup and this silky outfit that she has on and that you can view below. Taylor Momsen pink swimsuit photo at beach revealed.

Taylor Momsen was recently caught sleeping with ‘lover’ in photo. In other news revolving Taylor Momsen, fans recently took to social media to Taylor Momsen’s cinematic debut just in time for the holiday season as fans of our little goth goddess took time to reflect upon 2000’s Dr. Seuss’ ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’, which starred Momsen.

One fan of the film reviewed: “This film is a family favorite. We watch it once a year. My wife puts together a Christmas paper chain every December. There is one link of the chain for every day between 1 Dec and Christmas eve. We open the link for a day in the morning and sometime during that day we do a family activity. One of these that has become a family tradition is our annual “Grinch Party.” Everyone dresses in green, we eat green treats, drink green soda, and watch this movie. Jim Carrey overacts the part of the Grinch to perfection. He is completely manic and fun. While initially coming across as terrifying he is the proverbial monster with a heart of gold, well, maybe tin, but some kind of metal. He is completely hilarious, and the quotable quotes never stop!”

Taylor Momsen revealed this hot holiday outfit not too long ago. The movie lover continued: “Though we watch the movie only once a year, it’s quoted year-round. The storyline, the costumes, sets, cast, are all absolutely top-notch! In my opinion, this is not just a movie to be watched, it’s an event. Make watching this movie an event at your place! And though I would not say that if you are going to watch only one movie during the Christmas season that this should be it, what I WILL say is that you should make this a fun part of your Christmas season. Five stars through and through! Christmas is coming.”