Taylor Momsen Posts Scorching Lindsay Lohan Photo


Taylor Momsen has made a name for herself. So much so, that she’s been able to hang around celebrities who once ruled not only the music world, but some who have run the acting world as well.

In a recent photo posted onto Taylor’s official Instagram, we got a flashback of Lindsay Lohan and Taylor Momsen sitting next to one another. In the photo, Momsen looks to be in her normal dark fashion as Lindsay Lohan got the message to that as well.

Now, the photo isn’t anything new as a fan asked when the photo was taken and it seems to be a bit ago. Taylor Momsen did not respond with an exact year, but another fan chimed in to let the person asking know that they believe it was taken in either 2009 or 2010.

Between 2009-2010 a lot of outlets were saying that Momsen was the next Lindsay Lohan. With that, at the time, the two were seen hanging around one another on multiple occasions and not just at the one event that Taylor posted a photo up of on Instagram.

Since 2009-2010, there really have not been many words said about if Taylor Momsen and Lindsay still are near each other. Just taking a scroll through the comments came up with zero results of Lindsay commenting on the photo, but of course, this does not mean that they still aren’t friends with one another.

Whatever the case may be, this duo was great and some may say the early 2000s fashion icons when it comes to everything dark, dreary, and mysterious. Both have gone on to have great careers and both have stayed low-key while still getting the job done. Cheers to both.