Green Day Singer Reveals Bathroom Photo With Wife


Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s significant other, Adrienne Armstrong took to social media to post this youthful photo of the two of them posing in a bathroom recently and looking as dapper as a couple can be after being in said bathroom, of course. This Green Day singer recently revealed this horrible paycheck photo.

One fan responded by writing: “After all you two have been through together – things that have been in the public eye and things that haven’t – I am truly humbled by the immense love you share with one another. As BJ said, “it’s a rare thing in this crazy rock world.” Love you both so much.

Whereas another went: “They are beautiful, I hope that one day I will find someone to be my life partner, as you are, I always admire you, and admire that love

This Green Day member was recently spotted with Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter. With another fan commenting: “Real life fairytale love story..I’m smitten with how in love you are with each other. We are so blessed that you share the love with us.

In other news regarding Green Day and Billie Joe Armstrong, fans reacted to the news via the official Green Day Facebook page that the band will be a featured performer at ‘The Game Awards’. ‘The Game Awards’. Which is an annual awards ceremony honoring achievements in the video game industry.

Matthew said: “Unfortunately, I doubt this will be anything more than a performance and maybe they will get to announce a reward or two, still I’m very grateful that we had a video game based on their music in the past and it’s still one of my favorite music games to play. Good choice!

A Green Day member holding a massive amount of hemp was revealed in a photo a couple of days ago. Frank wrote: “ I just essentially discovered this band today. My goodness, this group is absolutely awesome. I honestly feel terrible on how did I not know before.”

And Michael put: “I was already gonna be watching this for the inevitable fifth Smash Bros fighter announcement. Now this is awesome.”