Taylor Swift Looks Furious At Jill Biden In Video


The Grammy’s were this past weekend. The event that stirred controversy and was in a considerable number of ways deplorable and revolting now adds another element to its mountain of news. Do you remember Taylor Swift? She was at the Grammy’s this past weekend, and it wasn’t the disturbing and disgusting performance given by two person’s decked out in red that made her want to vomit, it was the appearance of Jill Biden – Joseph’s wife. Interesting that she was attending the Pfizer sponsored event…

As per the Independent UK, Taylor Swift’s reaction to Jill Biden at the Grammy Awards has gone viral, with fans claiming that the singer looked “unhappy” to see the first lady. Perhaps her handlers might suggest acting lessons so that situations such as these won’t happen again in the future. Just a thought. 

Biden made an appearance at Sunday’s music event to present two major awards: Best Song for Social Change and Song of the Year. In a viral video of the ceremony on Twitter, Grammys host Trevor Noah introduced the 71-year-old, who walked on stage before the camera panned to the audience.

Along with the rest of the guests, Swift stood up and clapped for Biden. However, the “Anti-Hero” singer also looked down at the floor and appeared to have an unimpressed look on her face.

While Swift hasn’t publicly addressed her reaction to Biden’s appearance, fans on Twitter have expressed many questions.