Ted Nugent Drops Rudy Guiliani Legal Bombshell


Controversial rocker Ted Nugent recently hosted Rudy Giuliani for an interview on Sunday on “Real America’s Voice.” Guiliani, who was once hailed as “America’s Mayor” after 9/11, called Democrats “anarchists” while talking to the controversial rocker.

Ted Nugent opens up on Rudy Giuliani

“If I was in charge of America, I would put Rudy Giuliani as the Attorney General and start putting an end to the petty crimes,” said Ted Nugent, 73, rock musician, conservative activist, and vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump.

“They are trying to destroy our society. There is a whole element of them–they basically are anarchists. They want us to become a socialist society…[They think] American nationalism is bad. It’s all part of the same movement. The same people that burn the flag, the same people that take down statues and the same people that burn buildings are the same people that commit the crimes,” said the ex-attorney for former President Donald Trump.

Nugent went on to say that the former mayor of New York City that he remembers when the city was a “slaughter zone” and was “rampant, runaway crime like some kind of outtake from Planet of the Apes and then you came in with truth, logic and common sense law and order.”

Giuliani also discussed his time running a police department, criticizing how police handle riots today, especially during the clashes of 2020. “I had eight years of no riots. None. Zero. No one even tried,” he said of his experience.

Ironically, Giuliani was accused of nearly inciting a riot in 1992 while he was a mayoral candidate; while Giuliani chanted before the crowd protesting then-mayor David Dinkins, supporters jumped on cars and obstructed traffic.

Giuliani has been in the spotlight yet again but for a bad reason. Last week, in an interview to commemorate the 21st anniversary of 9/11, he was widely panned on Twitter for saying that September 11, 2001, was “in some ways, you know, the greatest day of my life,” without offering much explanation. Last month, the former Trump attorney was informed that he is a target in the Georgia probe involving alleged 2020 election interference.

In May 2022, while performing at a Trump rally, Nugent told supporters to go “berserk on the skulls of the Democrats,” only hours after a mass shooting in a Buffalo supermarket.

At the same rally, the Republican rocker called Democrats “the enemies of America” and echoed Trump’s claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen: Democrats “didn’t sneak into the White House – they lied, they cheated, they scammed. And every day, the Democrats violate their sacred oath to the Constitution.”

In an interview in June 2020, Nugent said, “Donald Trump was sent here by God. Just like our founding fathers were touched by divine intervention.”