Sammy Hagar Leaks Eddie Van Halen ‘Bending Over’ Photo


Sammy Hagar posted a rare photo of Eddie Van Halen bending onstage for the second time on Instagram with a new caption, writing, “Happy birthday to the GOAT I will be listening to Van Halen all day in your honor Ed And wishing you #happybirthday #peace #love #health #happiness #its5150time @eddievanhalen @vanhalen #eddievanhalen #vanhagar #vanhalen.” Sammy Hagar recently discussed Eddie Van Halen ‘health rumors.’

Heisenberg posted on about Van Halen’s other singer, David Lee Roth, and his tour with KISS, “David put up a new post on the official FB page asking the fan’s ‘what 3 songs do you want to hear’…(Thought maybe it would be a good idea for someone to start a new separate thread about it in the DLR forum section. )

Of course there’s zillions of answers. Too many to scroll through, but many I noticed seemed kinda unrealistic. Obscure solo tunes & other’s were tunes they do anyways. ( Jump, RWTD, Panama, etc.)

Keep in mind Wolf made the same kinda post prior to the 2015 tour & that setlist was full of unexpected surprises. So it might not be a bad idea to participate.

I was also surprised to see the comment section seemed completely devoid of trolls. So far as I could see. Only scrolled 20 or 30 comments out of 600. Maybe they have someone deleting those comments.

Anywhoo- When I first found out Al Estrada was the new gunslinger I Googled & this EVH Gear clip of him playing Fools was the first thing I saw. It is older & already has zillions of views so many of you probably already saw it but it was new to me before they started out. I’m not a guitarist so never watch the guitar clips but was curious who he is & was quite pleased to hear this demo clip. It’s a great introduction.

So- Just need 100 or so fan’s to go to the official page & tell them to play Fools. Between now & the March Vegas dates it’s not outside the bounds of reality that they might notice Fools popping up as a recommendation & then play it. It would be killer.” Sammy Hagar recently dropped a sad Alex Van Halen bombshell.