Ted Nugent Reveals Sad Truth About Pantera


Ted Nugent was asked by HMP in a new interview his opinion of Motorhead’s cover version of his hit song “Cat Scratch Fever”.

He answered: “I’m an honest guy. Number one, [I] love Lemmy, love Motorhead. And I’m humbled and honored that they would pick one of my songs — that’s a great connection that we have. But that’s not how I hear it. [Laughs] The ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ lick — no one’s ever played it correctly… They played it real Caucasian, and if that’s what they like, God bless ’em. And the people that liked it, I love all of you. But when I hear ‘Cat Scratch Fever’, I hear more of a Motown grunt.

And like when the Ramones played ‘Journey To The Center Of The Mind’, my Amboy Dukes hit song, it’s just too Caucasian… And I think Pantera did ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ too. And again, I love them. Thank you for playing it. Thank you for honoring me by choosing one of my songs. But it doesn’t have the groove that I like, it doesn’t have the pulse and the Motown soulfulness that I created in the song. But again, I love them for doing it, and if they enjoyed it, I love them for enjoying it. But it’s not my cup of tea.”