AC/DC Icon Allegedly Attacked By Drug Dealers


AC/DC are still in the main eye of the public. Phil Rudd lived the lifestyle that all rockers lived in their heyday – a fast, rugged, and hard life that saw them in the wormhole of all things sex, drugs, and rock and roll. An ex of the drummer now is sharing her story about being around such an artist as Rudd.

Jamine Bentami now shares her story about Phil Rudd. On one hand, Jasmine was just trying to survive in her new-found-world while on the other hand, the legendary rocker was sleeping with a gun under his pillow and talking to people who weren’t really there, while their home in Melbourne was ‘under siege’ by dangerous drug dealers.

Thirty-nine years later, the ex who he has a child with, is in need of help from Rudd.

She stated: “I’m just trying to survive. I don’t have much interest in myself anymore, I just want to see my grandchildren grow up as much as I can, but with the condition and poverty I’m in, I don’t know if that will be very long. I don’t want my grandchildren to think I am poor but I’m ashamed of how I live now, I’m trying very hard to keep any kind of dignity.”

When Rudd made a triumphant return to AC/DC in late 2020 after six years of battling drug charges, Jasmine Bentami wrote him a desperate email begging for help.

Jasmine said in the email: “A small place under our grandchildren’s names, where I could live until I am gone, would get me out of poverty while assuring the little ones a good future.”

To this day, Rudd has not responded directly.

Via the Daily Mail, Rudd declined to comment and, after being contacted three times, he explained to Daily Mail Australia that he was writing a memoir that would ‘go all the way back’ and didn’t want to spoil it.

“You can read it in the book!” he said.