The Doors Confirm Scott Weiland Joining Before Death


The Doors guitarist Robbie Krieger discussed late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland joining them as a singer before his death to fill in for Jim Morrison in a new Appetite For Distortion interview with Brando.

Brando asked, “You’ve worked with so many different artists over the years, collaborating. My question is: ‘Roadhouse Blues’ you did with Scott Weiland – this was, I believe in 2000, unfortunately, another lead singer who left us too soon. So I’m curious, do you remember what was it like playing with Scott?”

Krieger responded, “That was great. In fact, it was a full band that was there, they played on this like The Doors tribute band. Maybe you’re thinking of some TV show named ‘Storytelling’?

Brando shot back, “This was the House of Blues LA that I’m looking at.” Krieger then added, “Yeah, that was amazing. He was a big Doors fan. And he played on quite a few of our little steady TV shows like ‘Storytellers,’ and I said to the guys that had a couple of concerts with [U2 singer] Bono, I think. That’s a cool guy. My friend Robert Trujillo said the bass stories that he has done a lot of stuff with us too. I loved that.”

Stone Temple Pilots are still active today, recently performing Purple in its entirety, drawing a surprising Gavin Rossdale reaction. Dean and Robert DeLeo discussed writing some of Purple’s classic songs on acoustic guitar in a recent Guitar World interview.

Robert said, “For me, all songs start on an acoustic. Even going all the way back, whether it was Plush or Interstate Love Song, I wrote those on acoustic and that’s where it all began.”

Dean remembered writing the first track off of Purple, “You probably wouldn’t believe me, but I wrote Meatplow, on an acoustic. It’d be the last song on earth you’d think started out that way, but I happened to be sitting there, I felt this little kind of thing come over me, I grabbed the nearest guitar and out came that lick.”

Robert then added, “Then, after a song is written, you have a decision to make about whether to keep it in that acoustic state or to electrify it. And sometimes the result is a heavy song.”

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