The Killers Guitarist Backs Out Of Tour, Only Two Members Remain


Following in the footsteps of bassist Mark Stoermer, The Killers guitarist Dave Keuning will also not tour with the band, leaving only two original Killers members (lead singer Brandon Flowers and drummer Ronnie Vanucci Jr.) as regular live members. Stoermer announced last year he was taking a sabbatical from touring, and would only perform at select shows.

Keuning will not tour due to the the upcoming “crazy tour schedule” and his unwillingness to spend time away from home. He ‘doesn’t know’ what will happen after the tour.

Prior to news of Keuning not touring, Brandon Flowers discussed Mark Stoermer’s decision to not tour on Beats 1 a few days ago.

“You know, the idea of him not touring, I think, and the fact that you can continue to record music together is a good example of how far you’ve come as a band, as individuals, as a family and shows a real sense of maturity. You know, there are other bands out there that would decide that that’s a deal breaker, that camaraderie should extend to the stage and not just in the studio.”

The Killers will release their fifth album Wonderful Wonderful next month, and they will kick off a tour with Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vanucci Jr. being joined by touring members. Tickets recently went on sale for the tour without fans being informed that Dave Keuning would not take part in the concerts.

Keuning was recently absent from a band photoshoot.

  • Stone Gossardish

    Everyone thought the Killers split up a long time ago. It was odd to see them book this tour. And now, poof. It’s over. Just let it be already.

    They reminded many of Cheap Trick, in many ways. They had some radio hits, but they never got any bigger in the US than they should’ve been. They didn’t earn anything bigger than what they got. Just accept that, call it a day, and move on to something else, Killers.

    • Roy_Munson

      Everyone thought that? I literally never heard or saw anyone say that until today

      • Stone Gossardish

        They had split a while back now, 5 years plus. Then got back together and made a decent record with Runaways. They’re not really too relevant, and they obviously don’t have the best band chemistry.

        I’ve always said they’re a bit like their generations Cheap Trick with their sound and variety, mixed with the pop senses too. That’s not a knock on Cheap Trick, it’s more a compliment on The Killers. But they did rub a ton of people wrong by saying “we deserve to be bigger,” and that created a tension that never left that organization.

        Thus, they’re stuck doing a tour with a substitute guitarist. Ouch.

      • URNuts


        • Roy_Munson

          The stalker who is dedicating his “life” to following me around and replying to all my posts thinks I’M the one who should get out more?!?!?!

          That’s hilarious …but also pretty sad.

  • John Toast

    Stone –
    You couldn’t be more wrong than if you were a national poll trying to predict the presidential election.

    You’re comparing The Killers to Cheap Trick? Dude, how bad is your haircut that you’re taking out your frustrations on future Rock HoF’ers?!

    The Killers have had multiple albums go platinum while you’re still confused about your own gender. Stop hating and start listening my brother (or my sister – I’m as confused about you as you are).

    Put on some quality headphones on and lose yourself in their last album, Battleborn. I promise that it will take you on a journey more fulfilling than the hours you spend watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

    Best of luck.

    • Roy_Munson

      Cheap Trick are legends and already in the HOF

      • Bob Cannell

        I grew up with Cheap Trick, they are not 1/3rd the band that the Killers are.

        • Roy_Munson

          I do like The Killers more but they’re both great

      • URNuts

        B F D

        • Roy_Munson

          You already used that one, dork. Can’t you remember your own posts?

  • disqus_kRZsIkO98q

    It still doesn’t shock me anyone could of seen it coming especially if you’ve read past articles. I just think it’s cruel that they waited until tickets were sold to tell fans the truth. Most paid thinking they were at least seeing 3 members of the group. Other groups in the past when they’ve changed things offered refunds to fans they should do the same.

  • nomad

    They could just send a DJ bro out on stage to spin their tunes & have a laser show like those EDM “concerts.” The kids still pay to see that stuff.

    • P Vincent

      they don’t even actually “spin” anything anymore anyways.

  • disqus_kRZsIkO98q

    But fans did try to warn other fans and they didn’t want to hear it….