The Rolling Stones Insane $35,000 Tickets Revealed


Eddie Trunk recently poked fun at The Rolling Stones for selling $35,000 meet and greet tickets (which were at a $25,000 price when we checked), though he complimented the band once he discovered that the tickets were part of a charitable cause, benefiting Community Links.

Ticket Details:

Two (2) premium reserve tickets to The Rolling Stones’ 2018 “No Filter” Tour
Exact location will not be available until day of selected show and may be anywhere in the band’s allotment
Priority check-in and entrance
Pre-show hospitality reception
Meet & Greet with the band
Personal photo with the band
Swag bag with merchandise
Travel and accommodations not included
These packages may not be resold or re-auctioned under any circumstance
Experience provided in English (US)
By purchasing, you agree to all our Terms Of Use

This experience is non-refundable once purchased

Logistics may not be released until the day before the event. Details are always subject to change; any updates will be shared via email or phone on the day of the event
Meet & greet timing is always subject to the artist’s schedule, soundchecks, weather, etc. there may be fluidity to the timing during the experience.

Please note that there will likely be other guests present that may have purchased or won the opportunity to meet the luminary as well; as such you may be asked to line up in order to meet them.

Our luminaries always try to spend as much time as they can with their fans. However, in order to be sensitive to their pre-show obligations, their time may be limited to 15-90 seconds with each group.

Please note that guests attending may be required to pass a background check.

A pair of premium seats await you at the available tour date of your choice, where you will arrive to the venue early for a special pre-show reception. Then get ready as Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie unleash a half century of unforgettable hooks. From “Sticky Fingers” to “Tattoo You,” The Stones are behind some of the most influential albums in popular music. Witness the band’s signature live electricity from some of the best seats in the house.

Eddie Trunk said, “Wait a minute, what if the band’s allotment is the upper tier?! They aren’t giving you any guarantee as to where you’re gonna sit, with these two tickets.”

Trunk had another funny discussion about the background check.

Trunk:  I mean, I understand you don’t want some lunatic jumping on Mick Jagger but you’re gonna pat him down and run a background check?! Like, what are the flags that would knock you out of this?

Co-Host: Anything that would keep the actual members of The Rolling Stones from entering that tent.

Trunk: Exactly! Imagine if you got busted for drugs or something and they’re flagging you? You’re flagged, why? You got caught with weed in 79, you’re out! What! It’s The Stones!

Co-Host: That should be the prerequisite for getting into the tent.

Trunk: This is too good. Maybe the background check you gotta have some flags to go through.

Co-Host: Exactly

Trunk also discussed how the meet and greet date could change, “In other words, they’re saying that if Mick [Jagger] and Keith [Richards] don’t feel like meeting anyone, you’re gonna get bounced out to another day and it’s on you to get to that show instead. That’s insane! You cannot and there’s no way, look I’m a guy that flies constantly and I don’t know of any level of plane ticket you can buy where the ticket is fully refundable. There is always an initial change fee, I’m a United guy, two-hundred bucks out of the gate after twenty-four hours if you wanna do anything with the ticket. So I don’t know, I mean unless you buy insurance but insurance they’ll only cover for medical issues, what are you gonna say, ‘Mick cancelled my meet and greet, I need my airfare back?!’ [laughs].”

Trunk later discussed the charitable aspect to the tickets.

Trunk: I have something to add here because my initial reaction to all of this is ‘You’re The Stones, how much money could you possibly need’? However, you need to know more about this, it’s not completely clear. But, and if this is the case, this is more than admirable for The Stones. They might be giving the money for these [tickets] to charity.

Co-Host: Well, that’s different.

Trunk: Completely. As you scroll down it says

“The Rolling Stones support and the Experience supports The Rolling Stones Charities. The Rolling Stones have chosen to support a variety of charities including The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.”

Trunk: They would rattle off about ten different charities. So, it’s not clear if these are just charities The Stones support or that the money from these meet and greets are going directly to this charity.

Later on Trunk praised the charity.

Trunk: So, this is a really important important distinction here because if the Stones are doing this with all of the money from this Experience going to these charities, good on them and is an amazingly cool thing that they are doing. If The Stones are going, ‘well, here are some charities that we support when we feel like it, and this is just going into the pocket’. Along with the other millions they will make that night, then it’s kind of weak. So there is a big swing here and the way this site kind of reads, it’s not fully clear that this is a charitable thing but kind of makes it look like that.

Trunk: So it looks like it says

“This Experience supports The Rolling Stones’ charities.”

Trunk: If that’s the case and that does read as if this is a charitable thing then that is the complete opposite. The Stones could easily not take the time to do that but for them to say ‘hey we stand for a picture with a few people every night for ninety seconds, those people get their photo, these charities get funded and supported’, that is a brilliant, admirable and amazingly cool move by them.