Guns N’ Roses Icon Reveals Axl Rose Health Scare


Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan was interviewed by Rich Eisen on Thursday, and he discussed how Axl Rose fought through his injury a few years ago, and was evasive when it came to discussing specifics about the new Guns N’ Roses album.

Duff: Do I have an update on [the new Guns N’ Roses album]? No, I just would say that things are very positive in that world and I understand, I did say something about it in an interview, people are super interested in that, and I understand why but I do like the mystique factor of Japan and I shall keep it there. However, things are positive.

Eisen: Things are positive?

Duff: Yeah.

Eisen: Are there any details you can give on why they are so positive?

Duff: Just saying that they’re positive is a good detail.

Eisen: Okay.

Duff: Things are great. You know, we had a wonderful two and a half year tour we just did and it ended on just such a high note. It was overwhelming how many people came to see those shows. We played a hundred and fifty nine shows.

Eisen: Wow.

Duff: You know, after the Troubadour, we played The Troubadour on April 1st 2016. Axl [Rose] broke his foot around the third song in and I thought ‘well, we got this one show under our belt, we did this thing’. Axl wanted to continue on he was like:

“This isn’t going to stop me”

Duff: We played a bunch of shows with him in a cast, in the chair, we just went through so many revelations of things and ended that [tour] on a high note. That’s where we are still at.