Motley Crue Singer Embarrassing ‘Bloated’ Photos Revealed


Former Motley Crue singer John Corabi has revealed ‘bloated’ new workout photos as he prepares to tour in 2020, though Vince Neil will be fronting the Motley Crue 2020 reunion tour.

“Been trying this ‘working out’ thing…going GREAT!!! What do you guys think? Getting ready for 2020!!!!”

An ‘angry’ Motley Crue workout video was just revealed. Supertzar7078 posted on MetalSludge.TV’s forums, “Do any of you Hair Metal crazies think MC94 is one of the 10 best Rock albums ever made? Yes. This is a serious question. It’s an album 99.6% of humanity is unaware of..but around’s treated as a Holy Grail and I’m curious if any of you Bang Tango-LA Guns-Throwback-Oddities will publicly admit to considering it one of the 10 greatest Rock albums of all-time. I just KNOW there is someone out there lurking..reading this right now..who believes this to be the case. Please. Come out and admit this. Entertain me. Fascinate me.”

LAGlamRocker responded, “Yes. MC94 makes top 10 Motley Crue CD’s ever. Poison Apples great Crue fans would enjoy Poison covering Poison Apples on The Stadium Tour. Jani Lane and Bret Michaels should form a band called ‘Nelson II.'”

Hellbound shot back, “No way in hell. The appeal of this album is the production, the higher level of musicianship from the band and the different style they went for.

I want to love the album (because I love the production) but apart from Smoke the Sky, I never listen to it and gain a new found appreciation.”

Supertzar7078 chimed in, “Why was the Sound and Musicianship so much higher on this album? Did recording with Vince album after album make Nikki lazy? I mean, why weren’t all of their albums this sonically good?

Maybe they finally tried to prove themselves and be all they could be after losing their blonde trademark vehicular manslaughtering singer. Just shows they were all a bunch of half-assed fucks throughout their whole career.” A Motley Crue member reacted to a ‘100 pound weight loss’ goal a few days ago.