Slipknot Member Reveals If He Hates New Tool Album


Slipknot percussionist Jay Weinberg called the new Tool album Fear Inoculum ‘exciting’ in a new BBC radio interview, as transcribed by Alternative Nation. A Slipknot member was caught shirtless in a sad photo yesterday.

Weinberg: Hey this is Jay Weinberg from Slipknot. I was sort of a late-comer to Tool. I think when 10,000 days came out, right when it came out I started digging deep into researching into what the band is and what the band had been up until that point.

You know, when I was younger I had heard Schism on the radio and stuff like that but I didn’t really dig deep until 2006 when I was sixteen and felt I had a mediocre understanding of what they were doing at that point and didn’t really realize the complex nature of what they were doing.

However, I did know it really resonated with me and really speaks to how Tool can take something that’s really, really complex and make it really palatable to a listener who is just getting into heavier music or more complex music with strange time signatures and stuff like that.

The compositions really struck me. As someone who had just started playing drums, maybe, two years before that, being such a fan of Danny [Carey]’s playing, how it’s so compositional and it served the song with each note being in the perfect place – it’s like geometrical drumming. I would see the shapes of what he would do on the drum set because it was so unique, so thought out and purposeful.

A Tool member revealed how Maynard James Keenan ‘annoyed’ them when recording the new album last week. Weinberg concludes:

Weinberg: That and the music as a whole just had a defining quality to it. The chemistry between those four guys was undeniable and so it really affected me when they put out 10,000 days.  Now that we are thirteen years past that [with] Tool’s followup to that album, it’s super exciting. (A Tool member made a brutal Michael Jackson claim last week)