Tom Morello ‘Wasn’t Sure’ About Replacing Layne Staley


Tom Morello, the former member of supergroup Prophets of Rage, and current member of Rage Against The Machine, recently spoke on his MAXIMUM FIREPOWER podcast about seeing Alice In Chains in LA in 2006, when they kicked off their first tour with William DuVall taking over as singer for Layne Staley after his 2002 death. It was the first show of the reconstituted Alice In Chains. It was during the same podcast that Jerry Cantrell revealed false headlines about Chris Cornell and Layne Staley.

Tom Morello opens up on watching them for the first time

Morello went on to recall the show and lavished praise on the show as he revealed enjoying a lot. He spoke about how everyone was shocked to see the replacement of Layne Staley, but ended up having a great time at the show. It was also previously revealed that Layne Staley was completely against the idea of the name change of Alice In Chains.

Here is what he said [as transcribed by Alternative Nation]:

“I believe that the show was at the Roxy, and I went with friends. I was with you guys for a long time, and Alice in Chains is playing at the Roxy with a new singer. Of course, I can’t imagine that being okay.”

He recalled sitting there with a bunch of Hollywood rock musicians and had their ‘jaws on the ground’ at how great the show was with DuVall as lead singer. He also revealed how he told people about how great the show was.

You can check out the full podcast below:

The Alice in Chains singer-songwriter Jerry Cantrell was recently revealed his plans for upcoming shows. He is planning on doing some shows next year with the band and also have solo shows booked from March till May of next year.