Dave Grohl Replaced Pearl Jam Member On Album


Black Sabbath guitar icon Tony Iommi recently made an appearance on BBC Radio and spoke about Dave Grohl, who replaced Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron during a recording session.

Iommi recalled some of his encounters, relationships, and collaborations with some of the all-time heroes of rock. These include John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, Queen guitar god Brian May, and more. Recently, Dave Grohl was spotted drinking with his fans at a bar.

Dave Grohl had replaced Matt Cameron on drums on a song

Speaking about Grohl, who performed vocals and drums on the “Goodbye Lament” track from Iommi’s guest-packed self-titled debut solo album in 2000, Tony said that Grohl had demanded to be the drummer and replace Matt Cameron on the song, who had performed on four other songs on the album.

“It [the debut album] was exciting, a bit daring for me because I didn’t know, I didn’t meet some of them [all the musicians that appeared on the record]. But it sort of worked. Using Dave Grohl, it was great, Dave was really enthusiastic but it was a bit awkward as well because the track Dave sang on, he said, ‘Can I play drums?'”

Iommi allowed the producer to take the final call and Grohl was the one who ended up playing the drums.

He added:

“I said, ‘Well, I already have a drummer,’ which was the drummer from Soundgarden [Matt Cameron, who performed on four other songs on the album]. And Dave said, ‘Well, I’d like to play drums.’ Oh, dear…So I left it to the producer. I said, ‘Dave wants to play drums…’ Anyway, Dave ended up playing drums on it. But it was a good experience working with different people.”

Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his comments. Pearl Jam are hoping to tour next week, while Foo Fighters already have a summer tour scheduled.