Tommy Black ‘Not Surprised’ Scott Weiland Died


UPDATE: Tommy Black has contacted Alternative Nation, and tells us he didn’t say that he was ‘not surprised’ that Scott Weiland died. “That was not my quote about Scott. He was my closest friend and I would never ever say anything like that.”

The quote was from a police report given to FOX 9, as mentioned in this article.

Bloomington police released a transcript of the 911 call made the night late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland died on his tour bus in Bloomington, Minnesota last month, The Star Tribune reports.

Tour manager Aaron Mohler went to check on Weiland after bandmates received a call from Weiland’s wife, photographer Jamie Weiland, who was concerned because she hadn’t heard from him. Mohler entered the bus outside the Country Inn & Suites at the Mall of America, where Weiland appeared to be sleeping in his bedroom, according to the police report.

Weiland was usually a heavy sleeper, so Mohler shook him, then removed the pillow from under his head. Mohler couldn’t feel Weiland breathing and called drummer Joseph Castillo onto the bus for help. Neither man could wake him, and they called 911.

“I, I think he’s dead,” one of the men told dispatchers Dec. 3. “He’s not moving. He’s stiff, his whole …”

Dispatchers asked if a defibrillator was available. The caller said the band did not carry one on the bus. Instructions were then given to attempt chest compressions.

The caller says Weiland’s body is rigid and that he is not breathing.

“I mean, he’s like hard as a rock right now, not moving,” he said in a 911 transcript released Tuesday by Bloomington police. “ … there’s no breath. There’s no nothing.”

According to FOX 9, police would note the bus was neat — band members names were on bunks and doors, including Weiland’s bedroom in the back of the bus where has was found in his bed.

In the bus, investigators found marijuana, prescription drugs, and cocaine. Band and crew told police Weiland had been drinking vodka and tequila quite heavily, was taking the heroin-blocker Subloxone, and prescriptions. They also said he used cocaine as recently as a week before his death, and took the drug, molly, a day or two before his death.

In a statement, an investigator wrote, “All of the band members and its entourage were visibly upset” but longtime Weiland friend and band member Thomas Black, said he was also “not surprised that Weiland had died.”

Black was arrested for cocaine possession, but police couldn’t prove the drugs were his due to the amount of people on the bus, so charges were dropped against him.

One source who toured with the Wildabouts in recent years claimed that Tommy Black was not a positive influence on Weiland on the road, among some more descriptive words used to describe the bassist. Another said, “They were best friends and they were very tight. They enabled each other.” The source added, “Scott and Tommy…had their own ‘private’ parties.”