Tommy Black Responds To Reports Of Controversial Quote On Scott Weiland’s Death


Wildabouts bassist Tommy Black has contacted Alternative Nation to deny that he was ‘not surprised’ by Scott Weiland’s death. Black told us, “That was not my quote about Scott. He was my closest friend and I would never ever say anything like that.”

The quote came from a Bloomington police report given to FOX 9. According to FOX 9, on Scott Weiland’s tour bus where his body was found, investigators found marijuana, prescription drugs, and cocaine. Band and crew told police Weiland had been drinking vodka and tequila quite heavily, was taking the heroin-blocker Suboxone, and prescriptions. They also said he used cocaine as recently as a week before his death, and took the drug, molly, a day or two before his death.

In a statement, an investigator wrote to FOX 9, “All of the band members and its entourage were visibly upset” but longtime Weiland friend and band member Thomas Black, said he was also “not surprised that Weiland had died.”

Black was arrested for suspected cocaine possession, but police couldn’t prove the drugs were his due to the amount of people on the bus, so charges were dropped against him.