Tommy Lee Attacked Kid Rock’s Ex-Wife With Baby


The new show, ‘Pamela, A Love Story’ has been sweeping the Netflix viewers as we take a deep dive into the life and times of Kid Rock’s ex-wife Pamela Anderson. She never had it easy. For most of her days, she was in a sour relationship or getting dragged through the public eye via scandals. What may be even worse though is what was going on behind the scenes.

At one point in her toxic relationship with Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, Pamela stated that she was abused while holding their son. At this time, Pamela and Tommy were both on drugs.

Pamela was tired of how things were and turned to the bottle of pills and vodka. She said she had gotten into the bathtub and “tried to swallow a bottle of Advil with vodka, sinking slowly under the water.” The activist described feeling “at the end of my rope.”

She would state: “But luckily, I couldn’t stand the taste of hard alcohol and the nausea forced me out of the tub. I threw up everything, all over the stone floor, and then fell asleep in a pool of Advil-red vomit.”

Now, if she wasn’t found by her driver to go to a shoot, she may not have been saved.

When she was at the hospital, she said that Lee and her brother Gerry Anderson got into a physical fight during which Gerry told Lee he was “killing” Anderson and her career.

She had reached her breaking point with Lee in early 1998 when their son Dylan was just a few weeks old and Lee physically harmed her while she was holding the infant in her arms. The police were called, charges were filed, and Lee spent six months in jail.

The two would later divorce due to the severity of their relationship.