John Lennon Bought Ridiculous Car Before Death


The official Instagram account for late The Beatles icon John Lennon tweeted out the following picture of the following vintage car that Lennon purchased prior to his death. The car was a 1956 Austin Princess that featured in the 1971 Imagine film. John Lennon lost massive money before his death.

The Austin Princess is a series of large luxury cars that were made by the company and its subsidiary Vanden Plas from 1947 to 1968. Black and with an oversized roof, this luxury car was certainly an interesting choice to Lennon’s collection. You can view it below. John Lennon’s widow brutally described his death a couple of days ago.

As featured in the ‘Jealous Guy’ section of the 1971 IMAGINE film, this Type A135 was powered by a 3,995cc overhead-valve inline 6-cylinder engine with 125hp and 4-speed manual transmission. It featured independent front suspension with coil springs, a solid rear beam axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs and 4-wheel drum brakes. With a 3,353mm wheelbase, chassis #DH2-12785 was completed with hearse coachwork by Arthur Mulliner Ltd. of North Hampton. Initially acquired by a generations-old mortuary, Ann Bonham & Son, the Austin hearse was purchased in August 1971 by John Lennon, as reflected by the original registration document that features his printed name and signature. John unusually customized the Princess with two rows of airline seats (complete with ashtray arms).

In other news regarding John Lennon and The Beatles fans took to the official Facebook page of the group to wish the late vocalist of the band a happy birthday. John Lennon would have turned seventy-nine years old on October 9th.

Mario said: “My story with John: One day I decided to watch the “Imagine” documentary film at home. I was alone at that moment. I cried with the last sad scene as you can imagine. Just after the film ended, I sat on a piano in my house and started to play the tunes… and magically I learned to play the song Imagine, only by ear in 10 minutes. I think John was there with me, somehow. Happy Birthday John, from Ecuador! “

John Lennon’s painful ‘wounds’ were finally revealed. Annette posted: “‘Happy Birthday ‘ John and can I say your amazing distinctive voice and wonderful music was an essential part of my growing up. My heart still misses a beat when I see your face. An angel on earth and an angel in heaven. Xxx 💖💕”

Kerry replied: “Happy birthday, John. I think this world is so much less without your physical presence. I am honored to have shared this planet with you for the brief time we had you here. Rest in peace.”

Susan said: “It’s my birthday too today though I’m not famous. I think he would have been, 79. Today I’m 61. Sad he didn’t live past 40 with so much good going on for him”