Vince Neil Unloads On ‘Loser’ Motley Crue Fan In Video


Vince Neil humorously mocked a Motley Crue fan for still living in his mother’s basement in a new scripted ‘Cameo’ video message for a fan. A Motley Crue icon was recently caught ‘juicing’ in a gym photo.

Neil said, “Hey, Alex, Vince Neil here, hey buddy. Got to tell you man, you’ve got to move out of your Mom’s basement dude. Hope to see you in Montreal, and keep kicking ass. Rock on brother.”

Motley Crue fans on MetalSludge.TV recently defended Tommy Lee after he was called a poser. Funz posted, “Tommy was always open-minded about music. There are interviews from 1985-87 where he talks about listening to Funk and Hank Williams and etc.

Motley were going to have Hip-Hop Rock songs with rapping by the members on Dr Feelgood til Bob Rock (thankfully) put an end to it.

Tommy was the most social likeable guy in Crue, always, and people often commented on it thinking he was an uncouth wildman all the time. There’s a reason he got to be with Heather Locklear and Pam Anderson.

I’ve heard this subject brought up so many times by one-dimensional Rock fans that I’m inclined to say Tommy Lee is actually a very cool person and everybody in this thread would pee their panties in excitement if they ran into him on the street.”

Neil Diamond Dave said, “He actually was a rocker with a very open mind to the Alternative scene early on. I remember him being into Nine Inch Nails in 89, before Trent even played a club date or Head Like A Hole started to get any play on MTV or radio. Nikki and Vince dismissed it as disco shit.”

TenBenny wrote, “Poser, no. Stupid? Yes. By the way, Heather Locklear always said that her dad was a serious military guy and loved Tommy. How the hell would a guy like that ever even be able to put up with a doofus like Tommy, let alone have actual affection for him?” Mick Mars ‘refusing’ a terrible Motley Crue reunion offer was just revealed.