Tool Concert Security Brutally Attacks Fan


Tool held a concert recently at the Papp László Budapest Sportaréna on May 24, in Budapest, Hungary as part of their short European tour.

On Tool’s subreddit r/ToolBand, user u/borrna made a post about their bad experience with the security at the Budapest arena, who abused them verbally and physically.

The user began by stating that they live in Eastern Europe and that it was a rare chance for them to see Tool perform live in Hungary. After the band performed a few songs, the user pulled out their phone to check the time.

But a security guard pulled them out of nowhere. borrna describes the security guard as bald and speaking only Hungarian. He also apparently verbally abused them, saying “f*ck you” and “no photos.”

When borrna asked if there was someone who can communicate with them in English, he was kicked by another “bald fat security guard” between their legs. They were later dragged out of the arena.

Even though borrna tried to explain that they were only checking the time and not taking any pictures, the security didn’t understand them.

borrna was then forced to sign a form to which they “calmly” rejected and tried to explain the situation. They were only met with “Hungarian gibberish” by the security guards.

Some Reddit users in the comments said that the ticket and posters in the arena instructed concertgoers to not check the time. Others said that they also had bad experiences in European concerts and many people were getting kicked out in the Budapest one.

The Los Angeles quartet’s visit to the continent began with a show in Copenhagen on April 23 and ended in Budapest on May 24.