Rush Member Suddenly Can No Longer Perform


The legendary guitarist of Rush, Alex Lifeson recently joined for an interview with Guitar World, when he talked about the role he is happy with in his life. However, it turns out that the guitar solos, in particular, don’t seem to interest him much anymore, as he now finds “servicing the song” to be more rewarding:

Alex Lifeson on guitar solos:

“I feel like I’ve fully explored the whole area of soloing. I think I have a particular style and character to my solos, [and] there’s lots of variation in my soloing, but I think at this point in my life it’s more about servicing the song. Not being too distracting, or shining a light on any particular thing. It’s just getting into the groove, tapping your foot and feeling connected with the song itself.”

If anything that is more disappointing than the revelation of not taking interest in playing solos, it is that the guitarist appears to be set on never touring again. However, he does want to see Envy of None taken on the road in some other touring configuration, mainly as an act of solidarity with the outfit’s 25-year-old vocalist Maiah Wynne who’s yet to reach the career heights of her bandmates.

Here is what he said on his touring days:

“My touring days are over, but we would certainly put together a group of musicians that could go on the road with Maiah [Wynne, Envy of None vocalist] and present a really cool show. I would maybe do a couple of dates here and there [but] I’m certainly not going to go on the road for 200 days a year on a tour bus. Been there, done it.”