Tool Fans Pissed After Brutal Ripoff: ‘What A Disaster’


Tool fans felt pissed off after a storm canceled Tool’s performance at the Epicenter Festival in North Carolina over the weekend, but it appears there is a good sign in regards to getting a refund.

moronthisatnine posted on the Tool Reddit:

For people who bought Saturday tickets for epicenter in NC.

So I called this morning ready to unleash my fury and was greeted by a nice guy who already knew what I calling for lol. Said there will be an email soon with the direction they will be going. It will either be a mass refund for Saturday tickets or an email requesting the customer to contact them for a refund. if it works out in either direction I will be pleasantly surprised I will move on from this fiasco a little easier. Just wanted to spread the word for other fans who are going through the Mondays.

Edit; this was through front gate tickets. Called the number on the email confirmation.

toolphishdhs posted:

Thanks for the update! Hopefully that email comes sooner than later. What a disaster that all was.

F*ckaduckf*ckaduck posted:

I live in NC (piedmont area). The weather was shit ALL day Saturday, and it had been forecasted as such all week. This kind of weather in NC in May is the norm and not an exception at all. It is a shitty situation, but this is exactly why I turned down 2 tickets for $30. It was clear from midweek that the weather was not going to cooperate. It wasn’t a “showers may show up situation”, it was a “hey ya’ll, we’re gonna get blasted with storms all fucking day” situation.

This isn’t the first time rain has hampered a festival there, either.

This festival used to be called the “Carolina Rebellion”. And it had a couple shows get cut short or outright cancelled because of rain. The festival has been around for 9 years, and I am fairly certain that at least 1 night has been affected by weather for the vast majority of them. At least 3 that I know of have had the remainder of a night outright cancelled.

Call me a curmudgeon, but holding a festival that large in May in the NC piedmont is just asking for trouble.

siberwolf83 posted:

The update is very much appreciated. It would have been my second Tool show (after waiting 12 years to see them again)… Absolutely killed me when the evacuation message appeared and I had to leave my nice view on the side barricade. They made the right call to cancel, but the whole situation was frustrating and the lack of communication at the time plus the whole parking fiasco when leaving was downright infuriating. Definitely looking forward to that refund we’re all due.

rinkwhopper posted:

If that is true, that is what is up. When I emailed Front gate, they just said they were sorry and

“We are waiting for our client response as soon as we have an update .

We will be sending email blast with updates please stay tuned to the emails .”

For people who bought Saturday tickets for epicenter in NC from r/ToolBand