James Hetfield Quitting Announcement Stuns Metallica Fans


Metallica frontman James Hetfield has quit Instagram, deleting his account just days after entering rehab after a relapse for the first time since the St. Anger recording sessions in the early 2000’s when Jason Newsted left the band. Jason Newsted made a major announcement yesterday.

cluedo_fuckin_sucks posted on Reddit, “This could be good news. Hear me out; in rehab, especially for big names, they’re typically not allowed their phones or social media in order to ‘brag’ about their rehabilitation (see: Bam Margera), so this being deactivated could indicate James is back out of treatment and adjusting back into life at home. Ergo, health all okay for now.

Alternatively, could be an assistant doing so off of his recommendation since he never used it anyway. Just trying to spin a positive light on it.”

Howard Stern recently revealed why James Hetfield really entered rehab. captain_propaganda wrote, “James did the right thing, I too am quitting reddit especially, the daily front page news, though entertaining and addictive, is also mind cancer. Social media is the modern day plague that is set to kill probably over 10 million people in the next two decades due to mental illness induced by political propaganda here. Sad but true. It’s what the pharmaceuticals want anyhow, everyone buy buy buy the meds! It’s Trump’s artistic deal I tell you. the unwashed masses on social media, such low hanging fruit. Try it folks, you’ll feel great, go play outside.”

earthwormjim91 said, “He’s done it before. He deleted his Kik and Insta a while back (I want to say 4 or 5 years ago), with the announcement that it was getting too out of hand with his addictive personality.

At least with Kik, he would try to respond to everyone that messaged him (I actually had a short convo with him a few years ago on there) and it was really taking too much time away from his family and stuff.”

A crazy Jason Newsted bar photo was recently revealed. AloneGarden posted, “I wouldn’t worry too much. He probably just wants to keep a low profile at the moment. Many rehabilitation places encourage you to not use your phone at all except to communicate with relatives. I believe he also said at times that he wasn’t a huge Instagram guy because he got too sucked into it (social media itself can be addicting for sure).”