Tool Humiliated By VIP Fans At Concert


Tool are back on road with their concerts. One of the fans on Reddit, JSatyra noted  that there is a merch “clique” that consists of a few admins of various Tool-related groups and their “”popular” members. The fan claimed that “They are literally ripping the band and countless VIP/GA attendees off to obtain all the merch they possibly can.”

Fan reveals how fans are entering the concerts illegally

The fan noted that “They sneak people into VIP with them to score as much as they can. I witnessed this first hand in multiple cities/states.”

The fan further divulged that the fans “copy their colored wristband after getting it and then they give it to their friends.” Following that “they go to the box office and get a hard ticket, then they go right in with the rest of VIP.”

The fans are wrongly taking advantage as “people inside entrance checking only verify if you have a hard ticket and the correct colored wristband. They don’t see where the ticket you scan is seated.”

The fan urged that the issue should be brought to the attention of the band, so that “they can implement a better system that will put a stop to this.”

Some Tool fans have been causing some troubles at the concerts lately. Previously it was noted how the band prohibits the usage of cell phones or cameras to capture photos, videos, or audio recordings as per their policy. 

Tool recently performed live in concert at the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, PA. One of the fans had disclosed how a person in attendance was escorted out of the concert. The fan revealed that a person next to him was escorted out of the concert and he claimed it was only two minutes into the first song of the concert. He further revealed that the person was noted to be recording video.

It was also noted in another incident how a fan from the Omaha concert spoke about the usage of drugs at the show. Not only that, in another instance during the band’s show at KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Kentucky, one fan revealed taking two tablets of LSD drug during the show