Roger Waters ‘Disrespected’ On Plane In Sad Photo


The Twitter account Selfie Legends recently showcased this picture of a cannot be bothered looking Roger Waters with the user in question. This selfie was taken on a plane fairly recently and with the user tweeting: “Selfie with world legend music pink Floyd Roger Waters!.” You can view it below. Roger Waters announces David Gilmour ‘replacement’ news.

In other headlines featuring Roger Waters, fans took to social media to look back on one of Roger Waters’ most acclaimed solo albums – ‘The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking’. One fan reviewed: “I love Roger Waters so he always gets five stars from me. What makes this particularly interesting is that Eric Clapton is the lead guitarist on the album. For those who love Clapton, this is really a secret treasure. He basically plays a lead over the entire album. There are some truly great songs on this album- but only a few can stand alone outside a full listen to the album. Every Stranger’s Eyes is probably my favorite. Sexual Revolution and the title track can stand alone as well. However, this is really one composition that needs to be listened to alone or maybe with a friend. It will not be well received at a party.” Roger Waters brutally rips terrible David Gilmour songs.

The fan continued: “The Pink Floyd fans that love David Gilmour’s voice and guitar will find some things to complain about – but that isn’t really fair. This is not a Floyd album. It stands on its own a solo Roger Waters album – not a Pink Floyd album. In the end, many Gilmore fans just can’t handle Roger’s very high vocal range, It is like scratching a blackboard for them. If that is you, wait until your ready to listen to this as a Roger Waters album. Amused to Death, Is This the Life You Really Want, The Wall, The Final Cut, Animals, Dark Side and Wish You Were Here are far more political to than this album. Although occasional world references are made, this is more of a psychological thriller weaved into a real-time 45-minute dream sequence- which is ridiculously cool.”

The fan concluded: “One last thought – Roger’s adolescent strife era pretty much ended with The Wall. This is more from an adult perspective as he references a wife and children throughout.” Roger Waters makes brutal David Gilmour ‘divorce’ claim.