Tool Icon Returns To Touring After Quitting In Photo


The former Tool bassist Paul D’Amour recently made his return to live shows as part of Ministry, the band which recently kicked off their 2022 tour. You can check out the picture of D’Amour from a recent show below:

Paul D’Amour parted ways with Tool in 1995

Paul D’Amour parted ways with Tool in 1995, during the recording of Ænima. He was popular as the heavy-picking bassist behind powerful songs such as “Sober” and “Prison Sex,” D’Amour immediately began taking on projects that showcased his diverse range as a musician. He played guitar in the psychedelic pop band Lusk, formed a cover band called Replicants, flaunted his multi-instrumentalist chops with his solo project Feersum Ennjin, and composed music for movies and television shows.

During an interview with Guitar World, D’Amour was asked if he had any regret about Tool. Here is what he said:

“I wish it had been a better vehicle for me to create in, but it just wasn’t. Their creative process is excruciating and tedious, and I guess I never felt the desire to play a riff 500 times before I can confirm that it’s good; that’s why it takes them eight years to write an album.

I always wanted to do other things, and it felt like I was too much in a box with that band. They’re set up where the bass player does the bass part and the guitar player does the guitar part and so on. I couldn’t be stuck in that paradigm– it’s too stifling. I’m not just a bass player; I’m a creator, I wanted to have a bigger role, and it just wasn’t happening in that situation. In the end, I knew leaving was the right decision.”

It was back in late March of 2019 when D’Amour joined Ministry as the band’s newest bass player, replacing Tony Campos