Tool Kansas City Show Leads To Painful Fight


Tool recently performed T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, MO on March 15.

Fans started brawling at the Tool show

It turns out a brawl broke out at the concert’s smoking area. One of the fans on Reddit Ayatollah_Johnson, revealed the incident stating that a couple of fans started to fight and joked that the cause behind it was seemingly the fact that they both wore identical shirts.

“Shout out to the two guys with identical Tool shirts fighting in the smoking area last night.”

Another fan on the platform Bluthen revealed how another couple of fans were almost involved in a scuffle. He revealed that the two fans almost started punching each other. He wrote: “Right next to me two big guys almost started punching each other over one of them wanted the other to sit down and not stand. Eventually the wife of one of them got in the middle and they went home.So many old people, guess that means I’m old.”

One of the fans took note of the incidents and stated that he has been witness of similar incidents back in 2019. “Dealt with this garbage in LA in 2019 first leg. Me and my group were standing and raging and the people behind us were bitching at us and ruining our experience the entire time. Total bitch move expecting people to sit at a rock show. I still did my part and sat whenever I could contain my excitement but it ruined the show 100%. Luckily saw em 2 more times on your both great experiences. I’ll never forget that bitch tho.”

There is always some bizarre incident happening at the Tool shows. The band prohibits the usage of cell phones or cameras to capture photos, videos, or audio recordings as per their policy. However, the fan said: People were recording the entire time but I didn’t see anyone with more than one poster.”

Tool recently performed live in concert at the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, PA. One of the fans, had disclosed how a person in attendance was escorted out of the concert. The fan revealed that a person next to him was escorted out of the concert and he claimed it was only two minutes into the first song of the concert. He further revealed that the person was noted to be recording video. It was also noted how a fan from Omaha concert spoke about the usage of drugs at the show.