Tool Lower Ripoff Prices After Fan Backlash


It’s extremely hard for your favorite band to make music this day in age. Most bands and solo artists are making the bulk of their money off of merchandise and tours. Due to this, it makes the prices for shows and merchandise go way up. This leads to fans being very unsatisfied because of the prices being so high for what gives them the most solace. Tool fans have not been very happy lately because of prices just skyrocketing off of anything from the band. This includes shows, albums, and merchandise as seen previously where some shirts were going for more than $50.

Tool has heard the cries of their fans and they have made some big changes in the way they run things to ensure that their fans are happy. The drawback is that the prices were high, to begin with. This comes to us as Tool stated earlier this week that a deluxe edition of 2019’s “Fear Inoculum”, would be available. This edition features 5 LPs with audio tracks on one side and etched art on the other, for $810. Wow.

The huge price tag came with some backlash as even the most hardcore of fans just could not see themselves paying such big prices for something that they might not need. This forced the hand of the band and they dropped the price of the deluxe edition to $750. Proof of this drop was photographed on the merch booth at the band’s concert.

Several units already made their way into the online auction site eBay, going for prices between $510 and $2400. Tool will be selling the ‘tour edition’ of “Fear Inoculum” for the remainder of their U.S. tour as people are already ready to grab the album and then flip it rather quickly on auction sites because of how limited the album will be.