Tool Make Change To Drums Before Tour


Tool’s drum technician Joe Slaby was recently spotted with a new drum set that Danny Carey will use. Reddit users took note of it and many share their thoughts on the new drum art. Tool also added a surprising name to the 2022 Tour.

One of the Reddit users found it ‘unbelievable’ as it was this exact set that was at the Alex Grey exhibit in Mesa, AZ for the last few months. While another shared a long detailed outline of the drum art and the set.

Here is what the user wrote about Tool making changes in the drums:

The user noted that: “It is basically set/stage deconstruction. For a drum set, they will get it set up exactly how the drummer prefers. You have to consider that they then have to deconstruct the set and move it to a new location several times throughout the tour.

It would take too long and be way too inconvenient to set up the stage/drum set from scratch each time. So the drummer has a riser, and the riser will get marked so that they know exactly where each piece of the set goes. Most of the drum set will have hardware with locks so that they can break it down and it will get set up in the same configuration.

Some drummers take this to a ridiculous level. Neil Peart, as an example, had components that actually installed into the riser itself. You can also see the breakdown of Terry Bozio’s kit online, and due to the complexity of their kits, they’re practically required to come up with an entire process of breakdown and set up.”

Another user added: That’s actually not a rack tom. Similar, but different kind of drum. It’s called a gong drum. Much more like a kick drum without (as you pointed out) a reso head.