Tool Make Major Announcement With Greta Van Fleet


Tool, The Cure, Weezer, Muse, Greta Van Fleet, Pink, Bastille, Richard Ashcroft, The 1975, Mumford and Sons, Florence + The Machine, Macklemore, and many other big names have been announced for the Rock Werchter festival from June 27-30th. Tool are set to tour Europe this summer, and they’re also expected to release their long awaited new album sometime around May to July.

Greta Van Fleet discussed their relationship in a new Forbes interview.

Bands will often refer to themselves as a family, with Greta Van Fleet, it is meant literally. For the three Kiszka brothers and childhood friend Daniel Wagner it is at the essence of everything that they do.

“It is of huge importance to what makes this work. There is a musical language amongst ourselves and a level of communication,” lead singer Josh Kiszka said. “There really is no difficulty communicating a complex idea whereas anybody else wouldn’t understand, not just fundamentally but at the level that Jake or Sam or even Daniel has an understanding about it. It has played a huge role and has allowed us to stay grounded.”

Like all bands, there are disagreements, according to Wagner, but it is never personal and having those long term relationships is fundamental.