Tool May Finally Be Ending Bizarre Boycott For New Album


Fans on Tool’s Reddit page have pointed out there is now a Spotify profile for Tool, but there is no music in it. Spotify recently tweeted that they hope to see Tool on Spotify in the future. Tool joining streaming giants like Spotify and Apple Music will represent a huge step towards the release of their new album in 2019, as the band have discussed working on getting their music streaming, as they have been one of the last major holdouts.

UD_Ramirez posted:

“I played a few local mp3 files on my pc using Spotify and they have become available on my phone now.

I’m not 100% sure but it seems you can ‘enable’ playback by proving you have legal copies on a device connected to your account?”

seasonsinthesky commented:

“Spotify uses your local network to stream your files that aren’t in the database. If you then download them in the app on other devices, you can listen whenever. There’s nothing ‘unlocked’ from the database itself.”

UD_Ramirez also commented:

“Some clarification: The Playlist ‘Maynard James Keenan’ has Tool songs that are greyed out. Even though I was nowhere near my pc and it was turned off, I could play them. I’ll see if I can replicate later this week.”

SpotifyCares tweeted to a fan on December 19th, “Hey Abigail. We’d love to have Tool on Spotify! Hopefully we will in the future.”

Tool is on Spotify?! from r/ToolBand