Tool Member Calls Out Maynard James Keenan Girlfriend


Tool guitarist Adam Jones credited Maynard James Keenan’s ex-girlfriend for helping form the band and introducing him to Maynard in a new social media post.

Jones said, “I know… it’s so hard to believe that @tommorello & I were total geeks before becoming the #RockStarGeeks we r now 👀 🔺 But here’s the proof* 🔺 Going thru old photos found : 1. (1988) At the Lockup show in Hollywood (Tom’s band b4 #rageagainstthemachine ) 2. (1988) • At our friend Jack’s pool party (same location our childhood friend Gloria Moa introduced us to her then boyfriend ‘mjk’ )

3. (1983) • Big #ElectricSheep rock jams in high school 🔺 Enjoy 🔺 #BlastFromThePast 🤗 Thanx Tom for ur encouragement & influence & friendship. If it wasn’t for you -I wouldn’t be in Tool today ❤️ @toolmusic #tommorello #adamjones #Tool.”

Maynard James Keenan was ‘stalked’ by an actor on the Tool tour. Tool fans on Reddit recently discussed Danny Carey’s drum solo on Fear Inoculum, “Chocolate Chip Trip.” Thebeaverchair posted, “The most burning question raised by Fear Inoculum…Is why the hell did it take Tool almost 30 years to give Danny a solo feature?”

Reflection86 responded, “I love cctrip it sounds great in the car. I just find it amusing that they supposedly scrapped a records worth of material but put a drum solo as a track on this record along with some pretty dull interludes.”

Cosmonaut87 chimed in, “Always skip CCT. I don’t know, I usually find solo moments on an album highly unnecessary and I thought that would answer your question, too.”

Tool are set to resume their North American Fear Inoculum tour in January 2020, followed by an Australian and New Zealand leg. System of a Down revealed a sad Tool performance photo a few days ago.